Rhodiola Rosea Powdered Extract 75mg Capsules

Rhodiola Rosea Powdered Extract 75mg Capsules

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Want to get more out of your rhodiola supplement? If you are using a regular store-bought rhodiola capsule or tablet, chances are it's made from ground up dried roots. Just like any other food, this material is digested, thereby limiting the amount of active ingredients that actually get absorbed into your bloodstream. To get the full beneficial effect of a botanical, the active ingredients should first be extracted.  After all, tea is nothing more than a hot water extraction! 


Instead of making the cheap version of capsules, we have taken it one step further with our new product. We extract as much of the active ingredients as possible, and then gently dry it down to a fine powder.  Our capsules are therefore made from 100% extract delivering a highly purified, well-absorbed complement of active ingredients.  Our current batch contains 2% pure rosavins, each capsule contains 75 mg of pure extract - no fillers.  More potent and more pure than anything you can find elsewhere.  A little pricier than your standard retail rhodiola capsules, but worth it for the quality!

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