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Rhodiola Testimonials

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I started putting it in my coffee on a Monday and that week I had 3 job interviews with the same company. I was able to think and perform well under stress in all the interviews and the end result was a job offer with a 40% increase in salary. I doubt I would have been perceptive enough to pick up the difference, but this allowed me to prove the effectiveness of Rhodiola in my case.
Mark - Valdez, Alaska
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I am a marathon athlete and a mountain climber. I use high doses of Alaska grown rhodiola rosea for several days before a race or a climb. With rhodiola, I can just keep going without hitting that "brick wall" of exhaustion. It really keeps my energy levels up during high intensity activity. I'll never do another event without it!
Steve - Palmer, Alaska
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I use rhodiola every day for my depression and tendency toward ADD. It helps me feel better emotionally, gives me more emotional energy to get through the day and helps me focus my attention. After years of failed treatment, I've found something that truly helps me in hard times. Thank you Alaska Rhodiola!
Renea - Wasilla, Alaska
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